***NEW*** 27th May — Message from Rev Cathy Bird. Read Cathy's latest letter by clicking here.

Sunday 24th May is the anniversary, in 1738, of John Wesley's 'conversion' at Aldersgate — the moment when he felt his heart to be strangely warmed and after which he began his widespread travelling and preaching ministry, talking of the power of God to transform lives and society. In recognition of this important day for Methodists, here, Revd Cathy Bird reads extracts from one of John Wesley's most famous Sermons,' Salt and Light'. View it by clicking here

Find out more about Jaiho's picture by visiting Rev Raj Patta's website — http://thepattas.blogspot.com/

Forthcoming services are:

Sunday 7th June 3pm

You can join all our services via Zoom with a video link and see and hear everything and everyone else who is
participating, or you can join just with audio, or you can telephone in.

Login details for all forthcoming services are as follows:

Meeting ID: 872 1224 6881
Password: 974333

Joining by telephone
Step 1)
Dial any of the following numbers. If one doesn't work try another and another until you are able to connect:
0330 088 5830
0131 460 1196
0203 481 5237
0203 481 5240
0208 080 6591
0208 080 6592

Step 2)
Follow the prompts you hear on the phone.
You may be prompted to enter 3 different things:
1 -- Meeting ID 872 1224 6881 followed by hash #
2 -- Password 974333 followed by hash #
3 -- Participants ID -- You will not have one of these, don't worry, all you need to do is enter "Hash"#
You should then be entered into the service.

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