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Thy Kingdom Come
Started in May 2016, 'Thy Kingdom Come' is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus.

May 21st – May 31st
The theme this year is 'Light up the world', so we are inviting you to put a candle in your windows each evening from Thursday 21st May until Sunday 31st May and while it is lit, spend 30 minutes in prayer, as suggested below, if possible between 7.00 and 7.30pm, but please feel free to pray for longer or at another time if that is not possible!!

On Tuesday 26th May, we will hold a Circuit Prayer Meeting on Zoom at 7pm.

Here are the joining details:
Meeting ID: 889 5022 9287 Password: 706389

These are the themes we are invited to focus on each day in our praying.

Day 1 – 21st May

Jesus loves and cares for us just as a shepherd cares for their sheep.
Say a simple prayer of thanks today
-For God's enduring love through good times and less good times.
-For those who care for us, and particularly those who are caring for us during this lockdown
-For key workers including those who have been working to bring us food and other supplies, and for postal workers
Pray, too, for the Circuit Leadership team which will meet this evening.

Day 2 – 22nd May

God does so many amazing things.
Say a 'Wow' prayer today for as many different things as you can
-For something beautiful
-For something surprising
-For something mechanical that enhances our lives
-For something entertaining
-For something artistic

#Day 3 – 23rd May

Our lives are so rich. Thank God today for 5 'treasures' in your life
-People you love
-Something you have created
-A place that has significance for you
-A hobby you enjoy
-A possession you value

Day 4 – 24th May

Jesus reaches out to us and says 'your sins are forgiven' and 'Peace be with you.'
Is there something you could say sorry to God for today?

Day 5 – 25th May

God has given us all gifts and talents and has put his gifts of kindness, joy and love inside us. What other gifts do you have?
Ask God how you can best use them

Day 6 – 26th May

People adore all sorts of things: cars, pets, phones, gardens ... and God adores you.
Ask Jesus to show you how much he adores you!

Day 7 – 27th May

Jesus told a story about a man who had been beaten up and was helped by a stranger.
Ask God to show you today how you can help others.

Day 8 – 28th May

God always hears our prayers.
Ask God to show his love to 5 of your friends today

Day 9 – 29th May

Jesus told the story of a woman who celebrated when she found a coin she had lost.
Celebrate today that God loves you.

Day 10 – 30th May

Be still and know that I am God
Today, simply enjoy being in God's presence, listening and chatting together.

Day 11 – Pentecost – 31st May

The Holy Spirit is the life of Jesus within us, helping us to share Jesus with others.
Pray, today, that 5 of your friends will know the love of Jesus for themselves.

(More ideas and resources are available on the Thy Kingdom Come website.)

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